Zero Trust

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Zero Trust Architecture Design

Regardless of your existing Network Architecture, We assist you in adapting your existing architecture or building a new robust architecture wherein all users within your organization —inside or outside the network—are duly authenticated, authorized, and continuously verified before being granted access to anything.

This Zero Trust Architecture retrofit exercise further assists you in increasing visibility across your network, continuously monitor and respond to signs of compromise, reduce architectural complexity, and prevent data breaches.

Our primary model of achieving this is by adapting micro-segmentation principles to your networks.

Our Analysts are Certified Microsegmenation experts.

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Zero Trust Assessment

Our Assessment coverage here helps you validate existing controls and identify how attackers might exploit your current network security gaps.

We run this technology-agnostic assessment to help you establish your current baseline and give you tips on how to get to the next stage within the Zero Trust framework. Consequent to our assessment, we provide your organization with empirical data which show accurate and consistent measurements for benchmarks and performance monitoring.

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