Triaton Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform provides a comprehensive security solution that detects, analyzes, and responds to threats across multiple IT infrastructure layers. Triaton collects telemetry from endpoints, network devices, cloud workloads, third-party APIs, and other sources for unified security monitoring and protection

XDR Capabilities

Threat Hunting

Our platform helps focus the attention of analysts and cut the time spent analyzing telemetry from multiple security platforms. Triaton maps detected events to the relevant adversary tactics and techniques. It also ingests third-party threat intelligence data and allows you to create custom queries to filter events and aid threat hunting.

Behavioural Analysis

Detect and respond to threats based on unusual behaviour patterns. The Triaton behavioural analysis capabilities involve using advanced analytics to identify deviations from normal behaviour, which may indicate potential security threats. These capabilities include monitoring file integrity, network traffic, user behaviour, and anomalies in system performance metrics.

Automated Response

Reduce the average response time to incidents with the Triaton active response module. Triaton automatically responds to threats to mitigate the potential impact on your infrastructure. You can use the built-in response actions or create custom actions according to your incident response plan.

Cloud Workload Protection

Provide security coverage for your cloud workloads and containers. Triaton has built-in integration with cloud services to collect and analyze telemetry. It protects native and hybrid cloud environments including container infrastructure by detecting and responding to current and emerging threats.

Threat Intelligence

Triaton incorporates threat intelligence feeds to detect and respond to known threats. It integrates with threat intelligence sources, including open source intelligence (OSINT), commercial feeds, and user-contributed data to provide up-to-date information on potential threats

Compliance & Reporting

Meet regulatory compliance requirements, generate reports, and demonstrate the effectiveness of your security program. Triaton performs regulatory compliance checks against regulations and security standards, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more

XDR Features

Universal agent for endpoint protection: Deploy the Triaton agent on your endpoints to detect and respond to cyber threats. The Triaton agent runs on the most common operating systems to detect malware, perform file integrity monitoring, read endpoint telemetry, perform vulnerability assessment, scan system configuration, and automatically respond to threats.

Integration with Third Party Solutions

Triaton extends its threat detection capability by integrating third-party solutions, and unifying telemetry from various sources to consolidate real-time log data. It ingests telemetry via syslog or APIs from third-party applications, devices, and workloads like cloud providers and SaaS vendors.