Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

Our Data Extraction and Analysis team assist Legal Teams, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies in their investigations, we assist in finding Evidence faster and develop a deep understanding of extracted data to strengthen your case.

We have a proven and tested methodology that enables law enforcement to extract data from mobile devices (A range of Apple, iOS and Android devices), drones (drone data from physical dumps, drone logs and mobile applications), computers (windows, Linux and macOS) and IoT devices like Amazon, Alexa and Google Home including wearables like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Huawei health, Fitbit and more). We also support cloud services like WhatsApp, Telegram, iCloud, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well thereby eliminating the need to confiscate devices with our cloud extraction squad unit.


We provide a better understanding of what may have occurred or perhaps what led to an incident, we also help to retrieve lost data and provide a platform for easier collaboration with other team/cyber team members by sharing only what is necessary thereby protecting your company and your employees’ privacy.

Besides testing the cyber resilience of SMEs and Large Enterprises, we also support Enterprises in understanding their cyber exposure as a function of their Third-party Risk Associations by putting in place credible rating and scoring mechanisms for TPRM.