The Triaton Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is a centralized platform for aggregating and analyzing telemetry in real time for threat detection and compliance. Triaton collects event data from various sources like endpoints, network devices, cloud workloads, and applications for broader security coverage.

SIEM Capabilities

Security log analysis: Protect your infrastructure and meet regulatory compliance by monitoring and auditing endpoint activity. Triaton aggregates, stores, and analyzes security event data to identify anomalies or indicators of compromise. The SIEM platform adds contextual information to alerts to expedite investigations and reduce average response time.

Vulnerability Detection: Detect vulnerabilities on monitored endpoints where you deploy the Triaton agent. Triaton prioritizes identified vulnerabilities to speed up your decision-making and remediation process. The Triaton vulnerability detection capability ensures you meet regulatory compliance requirements while reducing your attack surface.

Security Configuration Assessment: Leverage the Triaton SCA capability to identify misconfigurations and security flaws in your infrastructure. Triaton scans your systems against the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark to allow you to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or deviations from best practices and security standards.

Regulatory Compliance: Simplify the process of meeting regulatory compliance requirements by using Triaton . Triaton helps you track and demonstrate compliance with various regulatory frameworks such as PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, GDPR, TSC SOC2, and HIPAA.

SIEM Features

Alerting & Notification Receive real-time alerts and notifications when security incidents occur. Triaton correlates events from multiple sources, integrates threat intelligence feeds, and provides customizable dashboards and reports. You can customize alerts to meet specific requirements. This allows security teams to respond quickly to threats and minimize the impact of security incidents.

Reporting insights form SIEM events: Generate insightful reports that provide high-level analysis of security events. Triaton allows you to generate comprehensive, actionable information that meets your unique needs. You can use Triaton reports to demonstrate compliance with various regulations and standards.