Managed Detection and Response (XDR + SIEM)

Using our Triaton platform, DeltaGRiC Analysts are able to proactively protect your organization from cyber threats. Our monitoring, detection and response capabilities are near to real-time, providing our customers with the following differentiator services :

  • Cyber Threat Monitoring and Response
  • Cyber Threat Hunting
  • Containment to prevent the spread of cyberattacks
  • Incident response to eliminate cyber threats
  • Root Cause Analysis to prevent reoccurrence of cyberattacks
  • Weekly operational reports and bi-monthly Executive briefings
  • Regular security health checks

Cyber Academy

Our cyber security boot camp academy courses are customized and well-crafted to each organisation’s needs. In a broad sense, we provide the following in-house training:

  • Adversary Simulation workshops

  • Cyber Security for Law Enforcement

  • Cyber Security User Awareness Bootcamp

  • Industry Certification related Boot camps.

  • Cyber Defence Analyst Program

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Forensics & Incident Response

Our Digital Forensics service specialized for Rapid Incident Response.

Have you recently been in a cyber attack of any sort? Be it Ransomeware , malware infestation or some insider attack and are left with questions?

Using advanced technologies and best practices, we help organizations to quickly answer intrusion questions related to malware, ransomware, and account takeover. We carefully assist SOCs, MSSPs or even independent consultants, and/or law enforcement answer their hard investigative questions, such as “What did the attacker do?” and “How did they get in?

Our analysts are skilled in the process of Artifact collection, preservation and Analysis. Whatever way the artifact exists in your host machine or networks, we can collect all of the following and analyse them for your forensics investigation or Incident response teams:

  • Volatile data (including running processes, open ports, logged-in users, active network connections, and DNS cache)

  • Malware persistence mechanisms, including startup items and scheduled tasks

  • User activity, including what programs they ran, web activity, and logins

  • Metadata from all files on the system

Adversary Simulation

Our Adversary Simulation teams empower your organization directly or supports your inhouse Cyber Teams in three pivotal ways

  • Autonomous Adversary Emulation: We put in place provisions to help you build specific threat (adversary) profile and launch them within your network to see where you may be susceptible. This helps with testing defences and training your blue teams on how to detect specific threats.

  • Test & Evaluate your existing Detection, Analytic and Response Platforms: we enable you to test the efficacy of your detection and response platform by applying our automated MITRE-backed scripts to test if you would be able to respond adequately to threats as they occur in real-time. This exercise of automated testing of your cyber defences will include network & host defences, logging & sensors, analytics & alerting, and automated response.

  • Red & Blue Research: Our involvement in your organization and use of advanced technologies directly and indirectly enables cutting-edge research in cyber gaming, emulation & simulation, automated offensive & defensive cyber operations, cyber defense analytics and cyber defense models.

External Attack Surface Management

The size of a company’s attack surface fluctuates as much as 10% per month. As a result, attack surfaces are moving targets with security gaps ripe for exploitation. How can CISO’s secure these dynamic environments? External Attack Surface Management

  1. Discover all exposed assets and blind spots

  2. Attribute assets to the correct owner in an organization

  3. Contextualize assets to understand what it is and its purpose

  4. Prioritize the threat based on that context

  5. Prioritize the threat to ensure the associated security team understands the critical attack paths in the network.

  6. We score you and prep you for a clean bill of health for your next Cyber Insurance attestation or your Third Party Risk Management activities

Zero Trust

In Zero We trust!

Zero Trust Architecture Design

Regardless of your existing Network Architecture, We assist you in adapting your existing architecture or building a new robust architecture wherein all users within your organization —inside or outside the network—are duly authenticated, authorized, and continuously verified before being granted access to anything

This Zero Trust Architecture retrofit exercise further assists you in increasing visibility across your network, continuously monitor and respond to signs of compromise, reduce architectural complexity, and prevent data breaches

Our primary model of achieving this is by adapting micro-segmentation principles to your networks.

Our Analysts are Certified Microsegmenation experts

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Zero Trust Assessment

Our Assessment coverage here helps you validate existing controls and identify how attackers might exploit your current network security gaps.

We run this technology-agnostic assessment to help you establish your current baseline and give you tips on how to get to the next stage within the Zero Trust framework. Consequent to our assessment, we provide your organization with empirical data which show accurate and consistent measurements for benchmarks and performance monitoring.

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